Arthritis In Dogs – Infographic Of 8 At Risk Breeds


Eight Dog Breeds Prone To Osteoarthritis

Arthritis in dogs is a painful and sometimes debilitating condition that afflicts many pets. Having said that, there are specific breeds that are more vulnerable to developing this problem. The following Infographic was created to highlight the at risk breeds.

dog breeds prone hip dysplasia

If you already have a dog that is at risk then ensure you are aware of theĀ  right diet, weight and exercise regimes to delay the onset of symptoms and manage the condition.

When considering buying a pet it is wise to check out which breeds may be susceptible to arthritis and hip dysplasia to be prepared for this eventuality.

It may not even be of concern to you if you love that type of canine as a pet, but forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes.

Note that the figures presented in the infographic are for osteoarthritis and show the incidence between certain ages. This data does not address tick borne (infectious) arthritis or immune response related conditions.